cbd bath bomb

Using CBD bath bombs

Easy as 1, 2, 3 oh and 4 – can’t forget 4, it’s the best bit!

  1. Run a nice warm bath
  2. Drop your wonderfully scented bath bomb in and watch it fizz n spin
  3. Get in and soak for a good 20 minutes to enjoy the full effects of a CBD bath bomb
  4. Find the cocoa butter heart and as it melts massage it into your skin


There are more things to consider if you choose.

Make time for yourself and avoid interruptions from the phone and the folks so they don’t burst your bubble. Prepare items you might want near during your home spa experience, books, towels, flannels, soaps. Plan for the end of your bath having your softest towels, comfy bathrobe and slippers or pajamas at the ready. Even go as far as to prepare your bedroom or next room to maintain the mood.

Set the mood:
Start by setting your intention, do you want to think, not think, relax, ease away stress or any aches and pains. Or just be grateful to yourself for prioritizing your own wellbeing. Set the mood to suit your intention. Dim the lighting using candles, select a playlist that you won’t need to skip.

Design your bath:
It’s your bath and you can get as creative or experimental as you like. Add extra bubbles, your favorite oils, a flower bath is an indulgence that has to be experienced. Adding the bath bomb to a full bath is best to experience the bath transformation, using warm water helps the cocoa butter heart melt.

During the bath:
Be present and attentive to the shift in your mood as well as the physical changes of the oils softening and soothing your skin, the feeling of the melting cocoa butter is just sublime. Adjust the temperature of the water adding more bubbles as you require.

Carefully get out of the bath as you might be feeling a little bit like jelly. Gently dab your skin with a soft towel avoiding friction on your soft skin. Take the time to allow the heat your body as absorbed to dissipate, and for you to fully enjoy the effects of the oils and the CBD on your body and mind.